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Last week, KYCK! celebrated as Plug and Play (PNP) Indonesia announced our team is part of the first batch of startups in their accelerator program.


The announcement came after a long selection process of two months, which saw 50 out of the 400 registered startups eventually pitching their ideas to PnP Indonesia, PnP Asia Pacific, PnP Silicon Valley, and representatives of PnP Indonesia’s partner companies.


The team at KYCK! is excited to be sharing and materialising our ideas with the world. Here is a short description of what we do, and why:


About KYCK!


            KYCK! was co-founded by a team from, and familiar with, the finance and banking industry. Hence, we understand the pains of the verification process every bank and their customer has to go through. Thus, we want to create a smart platform that would eliminate the hassle. By adopting face recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, KYCK! allows verification in banking to be done remotely – customers no longer have to travel to visit their banks to verify their identities, and banks can reach their customers even in remote areas.


These are the 10 other startups that were chosen to form the first batch of PnP’s accelerator program:

  1. Astronaut

Astronaut provides a platform where employers can assess potential employees, through an app where they can post interview questions that applicants can send video-responses to.

  1. Bandboo

A technology-based insurance platform, Bandboo is a transparent platform that aims to provide insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost

  1. Brankas

This mobile apps allows users check in on their activity and bank account balances in various banking institutions on a single outlet. It also allows transactions to be made through the app.

  1. Bustiket

A ticket sales management software for bus companies that offer rides between cities. Customers can access and purchase tickets through the mobile app.

  1. DANAdidik

DANAdidik provides a crowdfunding platform for Indonesian students, who will repay the loans in instalments upon graduation.

  1. Karta

Karta facilitates advertising on motorcycles. Currently, they have about 1,000 motorbikes.

  1. Otospector

This platform helps buyers facilitate inspection of a used car. Specialists will provide neutral assessments of the car’s condition.

  1. Sayurbox

Sayurbox allows consumers to purchase produce directly from farmers and producers through a mobile application.

  1. Toucan

Toucan creates a digital wallet for credit products, targeting the underbanked by reducing the reliance on physical bank branches.

  1. Wonderlabs

A platform that connects and sets up technical and design teams in Indonesia, facilitating project management, recruitment and human resource management.


Source – Plug and Play Indonesia