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Your trusted platform to access financial markets with blockchain based identities
What we do
A one-stop digital identity wallet

KYCK! is a first level KYC platform with remote onboarding capabilities that raises the quality of first level KYC, at a higher level of convenience.

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We are on IBM High Security Business Network on secured LinuxOne servers

We believe in data security. This is why we have collaborated with IBM to store identities on a private, permissioned blockchain network.

Document verification

Our engine scans and verifies against tempered or fraudulent documents

Personal data security

We run on a private, permissioned high security network.

Blockchain identities

With IBM, a premium member of the Hyperledger Project, we create robust identity blocks by validation from relevant authorities participating in our network.


We had the roadmap planned out with a bold vision.

Phase A

Video-conferencing + Manual Checks

Phase B

Video-conferencing + complete machine verification of identity and documents

Phase C

End to end machine onboarding


We’re a business for the new economy; centered in one-stop identity wallet, thriving on

security, and backed by powerhouse collaboration.

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Graduate of Plug and Play Indonesia accelerator

Write to Us

  • Coming from a financial background, we envision that the manual process of posting records and validating applications will be replaced by the use of KYCK! platform that also comes with encrypted document submission in the blockchain and video conferencing capabilities to improve the overall customer on-boarding experience and process.
    Darryl Tan, Co-founder of KYCK!
  • The KYC space is very tough and expensive space. But with the right ideas and proper execution, KYCK! will rise above the rest.
  • This will be a very meaningful collaboration to extend the concept of blockchain to the various stackholders in the financial industry.
The Team Behind KYCK!

Darryl Tan

Darryl Tan

Co-founder Darryl previously held a designation of an Assistant Vice President at DBS Vickers Securities and was responsible for retail equity dealing and equity portfolio management. He was also involved in fund raising work pertaining to two Indonesian listings. Recently, Darryl and his team led an asset management company, with ownership of Mining, Oil and Gas (MOG) assets in four countries in Southern Africa. The team was responsible for monetization, divestment and M&A activities. Currently, Darryl is also a Founding and Managing Partner of Cleantech Incubator Lignar Labs and working with VC partners to identify and curate new Cleantech technologies.

Ashley Loo

Ashley Loo

Co-founder Ashley previously held a designation of an Associate at DBS Vickers Securities and was responsible for retail equity dealing and equity portfolio management. Most recently, he was part of an asset management company with ownership of Mining, Oil and Gas (MOG) assets in four countries in Southern Africa. The team was responsible for monetization, divestment and M&A activities. Ashley is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Fintech program and their Asia Pacific community.


Jupe Tan


Jupe Tan

SVP Global Operations Plug and Play Jupe joined Plug & Play in 2008 and is overall responsible for global operations. This includes developing strategic public and private sector partnerships for corporate innovation, startup accelerator and investment programs as well as managing direct investments into startups. In Silicon Valley, Jupe oversees international acceleration programs for Plug & Play, managing key relationships with partners from over 20 countries. Since 2009, more than 450 international startups have participated in programs at Plug & Play. Outside of the US, Jupe manages Plug & Play’s global expansion efforts with a focus on Latin America and Asia Pacific. Jupe is responsible for more than 25 of Plug & Play’s investments in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Startup Investments
  • Singapore: Thoughtbuzz, First Meta, Zukami, Travelog

  • Latin America: OneTwo, Zase, TraktoPro, Cabe na Mala, Fleety, LoteBox, Nutrisoft, TruckPad

  • SE Asia: Fashory, Yellow Elevator, PlusMargin, Tutate, Snapask, Circus Social, Imagin8ors, ReFash, GOtixs, Makerscut, Soulscape, Optimate, Fixir, Reserv, Wondertech


Silicon Valley-based accelerator Plug and Play Indonesia hosted a Demo Day event for the nine startups that have made it into the programme in Jakarta. Attending the event were Plug and Play Indonesia President Director Wesley Harjono, Plug and Play APAC Managing Partner Jupe Tan, and Plug and Play Indonesia Accelerator Director Nayoko Wicaksono.

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Last week, KYCK! celebrated as Plug and Play (PNP) Indonesia announced our team is part of the first batch of startups in their accelerator program.


The announcement came after a long selection process of two months, which saw 50 out of the 400 registered startups eventually pitching their ideas to PnP Indonesia, PnP Asia Pacific, PnP Silicon Valley, and representatives of PnP Indonesia’s partner companies.


The team at KYCK! is excited to be sharing and materialising our ideas with the world. Here is a short description of what we do, and why:


About KYCK!


            KYCK! was co-founded by a team from, and familiar with, the finance...

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Darryl Tan is the CEO and Co-Founder of KYCK! – a company that provides a first level KYC platform to financial institutions with remote on-boarding capabilities that raises both the quality and convenience of first level KYC. He shares his entrepreneur journey from asset management to CleanTech incubation and to Regulatory Technology (RegTech).

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